Monday, July 21, 2014

Is It Too Late to Get a Flat Belly?

I want a Flat Belly!
Since June 6, 2014, I have been on a quest for better health. I joined a new Pilates workout facility - something I thought I always wanted to do. I had no idea it would be so hard. At least four to five days a week I am exercising for 50 minutes, intensively. I watch what eat and have very few ‘cheat’ days. I do not eat fast food and drink about 60 oz. of water a day.

Although I am starting to lose inches, I have not lost a pound and still feel like my belly is minimally changed. I guess I need to mention that I have given birth to four children, yet am within 15 pounds of my high school weight. Post baby weight has never been an issue. I suppose that I should also mention that in a few short years I will be celebrating my 50th birthday and nature has definitely set in. Although I have many obstacles working against me, I refuse to believe I cannot have a surgically unaltered flat stomach!

Well, as a last resort, I am going to amp up my workouts with more intensity and add an additional day making it six days a week. I’m also going to try Prevention Magazines tips for reducing belly fat. I’ll come back in 30 days with an update. At this point I need all the motivational help I can get.

Shrinking your belly with food requires:
1.    Adding two kinds of fiber to your diet. Bran and psyllium are the best ingredients for breakfast cereals.
2.    Removing sodium. NEVER add salt at the table as sodium causes bloating. Watch labels for sodium content.
3.    Adding Potassium. Bananas and potatoes help get rid of water weight.
4.    Removing all sugar alcohols. Our body is not meant to digest low calorie sweeteners. They simply cause gas and bloating.
5.    Adding more fluids. Balances out the fiber and prevents constipation. Enough said.
6.    Removing candy and soda. These enemies induce bloating and causes a distended belly.
7.    Adding probiotic yogurt. These active cultures aide in digestion and help eliminate constipation.
8.    Removing raw veggies. These cause bloating and gas and distend the belly. Not good if you want to flatten the tummy.

I am determined to get into a bikini (and actually be seen in public) before the Summer ends. Wish me luck.

I may even get brave enough to post before and after pics. Maybe.



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