What is this natural hair hype all about?  Is it just a trend that’s on the decline?  Should I join the movement?  How should I wear my hair?  Will I look good with natural hair?  The lists of questions regarding natural hair are endless.  Everyone’s answer may be different.  We have witnessed women, young and old, struggling with their hair identity for some time, thus Love My Hairitage was born.  

Ultimately, Love My Hairitage wants to take the “hair to toe” approach in redefining beauty.  We want you to become confident enough to embrace your unique and individual beauty.

Definition of HAIRITAGE
Noun, often attributive \’her-a-tij\ - Hair that is a result of one’s natural situation or birth

Love My Hairitage is multi-faceted and can mean different things to everyone.

- Loving your natural hair
- Loving where you are on your hair journey
- Embracing who you are at this moment in your life

We would love to know what Love My Hairitage means to you.  Please feel free to leave your comments  below!