To inspire girls and women to boldly redefine their own standard of beauty through maintaining a positive body image and healthy hair training.

Confident – Knowing that I am more than my hair

Discover – All the facets that make me beautiful both inside and out

Embrace – Every opportunity to feel and look good no matter what my hair looks like


To be the premier organization connecting girls with educational and healthy hair resources while providing a forum for open discussion pertaining to body image and building self-confidence.  To build a network and community of positive relationships where girls can be nurtured in order to develop the necessary skills and confidence to become self-reliant leaders who serve as advocates for others.


Love My Hairitage was founded by Lisa Hall and Demetrice Smith in 2013.  They saw a need to encourage young ladies and women to be comfortable in their own skin.  They realize hair is a big deal to women; young and old.  You can have on the best outfit and your hair can ruin it all.  "We want to connect young ladies and women to begin the dialogue on how to redefine beauty."

Lisa's Hair Story
Going Natural Take #1
My initial journey began in 2008.  I made so many mistakes.  I didn't research being natural at all.  It was a complete disaster.  I thought being natural meant no more salon appointments.  I determined my life would be ponytails and ethnic earrings.  Boy was I wrong!  After I could no longer run a comb through my hair, I went back to the creamy crack.  This journey lasted all of 4 months. 
Hair - 1 Lisa - 0
Take #2
In 2010 we were blessed with a baby girl.  I knew at that moment I had to give this natural thing another shot.   I had to learn to care for my natural hair in order to care for my daughter's hair.  The researching began....hair types, products, and YouTube.  I was so overwhelmed by all of the information.  My hair decision was to transition.  The big chop was just too scary for me.  For the first 2 years, I was a straight natural.  I would get my hair flat ironed religiously every two weeks.  During my transition I continued to study natural hair.  I learned about protein, heat damage, protective styles, etc.  I realized being a straight natural was damaging my hair.  They say knowledge is power, right.  Well for the last year I have been heat free.  This has been a huge adjustment.  I'm continuing to discover things I love about my hair and which products work for my hair.  Every week is a new adventure.  The biggest lesson I have learned is trial and error.  Every product doesn't work for everyone.  Every person has a different hair language and that is perfectly fine.  My curl pattern in the front is different from my curl pattern in the back.  After 3 years of this journey, I am at the point of embracing and loving my hair.  My hair isn't gorgeous every day.  The knots are annoying.  I spend far too much money on products.  BUT I wouldn't change a thing about my journey.  My hair is curly, unruly, soft, and thin but its mine and I love it.

Demi's Hair Story

My hair has always been ‘BIG.’ I hated it growing up and was always
looking for ways to tame my mane! Eventually, I experimented with a no-lye relaxer and later discovered that I could have flowing curls at the expense of long salon visits and chemical burns. I also avoided any activity that might cause my hair to get wet – no exercise and no swimming.
Up until a few years ago, there were no role models for natural hair, unless an afro was the look you were going for. I wanted the bouncy, toss your head from side-to-side hair I saw on TV commercials.
Tired of the same old look, about eight years ago I decided to wean myself from chemical processing, just to see what was underneath. Surprisingly, I saw curls that I didn’t remember even existed. I did not do the big chop, but instead flat-ironed or twisted my hair for three years before finally cutting off any perm that was left. I wish I could say all my hair problems were finally solved, but they were not and a new learning process began. I had to get to know what my hair liked, what it did not like, how to style it and feel polished and professional. Like some naturals, I initially became a product junkie trying everything that made a hair promise, until I finally discovered what worked for me.

I’m enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with natural hair and am finally learning to have fun with styling and letting my hair behave naturally and unhindered. I never thought I would say it, but I love my hair!