Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Protein Sensitivity

Why Does My Hair Feel Like Straw?

Sometimes what we believe to be a sensitivity to the use of protein is often an overuse of protein. Just think about it... If your shampoo or pre-poo contains protein, your detangling or rinse out conditioner contains protein, and your deep conditioner, and styling products all contain protein...then you could be over doing it with the protein.

Signs of Protein Sensitivity

Hair is made up of keratin, a type of protein. Coarse hair contains greater amounts of this protein while fine hair contains lesser amounts of keratin.  Protein can be lost through chemical, thermal or mechanical damage, and the extreme use of heat or even through everyday styling and manipulation.  

When hair is damaged, the use of a protein re-constructor strengthens the hair and helps repair the damage by attaching to the hair’s surface and forming a layer that helps retain and seal in moisture, somewhat mimicking what a humectant would do. This keratin coating can also smooth the hair cuticle making it appear shinier and smoother. 

Protein overuse or sensitivity can cause your hair to feel hard and coarse, almost straw-like. There are several 'good' proteins that help support healthy hair when used properly. When selecting a protein-containing product to use, look for structurizing proteins like corn, rice, soy, and wheat proteins. Products with these proteins can be used at least 2-3 times a week to strengthen, aid moisture, and condition your hair with minimal, if any damage. Just make sure your shampoo and other products do not all contain protein or you may be subject to protein over use.

How Can I Tell What My Hair Needs?

1. Take a wet hair that has been shed, stretch it out gently and if it breaks easily your hair needs moisture.
2. After doing a deep treatment if you hair stretches out a lot and but does not return to it's original state, your hair needs protein.
3. After doing a deep treatment stretch the hair out and if it bounces back to the original state, your hair is in balance.

Conditioners that are protein free:
As I Am
Aubrey Organics
Aussie Moist
Bed Head Moisture Maniac
Bee Mine

What are your protein challenges? Please share your best tips and tricks for managing protein use or protein sensitivity.
Keep it Growing.

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