Monday, June 30, 2014

RIP Cake

The time has come for cake and I to break up.  I love cake...I mean I really love cake.  If I could eat cake all day, I would but this relationship is not good for me or my pant size.  In an effort to have a healthier lifestyle, I have to remove cake from my diet (among other things).  Our annual beach vacation is approaching and I'm always motivated to drop a few lbs for the beach.  Here are few things I'm implementing for my weight loss journey.
  • Exercise - I joined Camp Gladiator last year and it has been a wonderful experience.  The trainer for Desoto/Duncanville, Brandon Hall, demonstrated a few moves in D Magazine to get you swimsuit ready.  Brandon is a great trainer and can definitely help you achieve your goals. Shout out to trainers Veronica Cruz and Kevin Locks as well.
  • Eat breakfast - I don't normally eat breakfast which I know is horrible.
  • Reduce portion sizes - perhaps I won't eat the entire pizza
  • Meal plan - Having meals prepared for the week gives me more control of what I'm eating vs buying food at a fast food restaurant.  
  • Get more sleep - turn off the tv and go to bed!  
  • Be consistent - I'm not good at this either.
  • Keep going - If you fall of the wagon, jump back on!
Breaking up with cake, cookies, and all things junk is going to be very difficult for me.  So if you see me and my attitude is unusually bad....I'm craving sweets.  Forgive me.  Overall, I need to lose 20lbs.  Pray saints pray

Beach ready day 0



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