Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, New You!

 Embrace You!
I cannot believe the 2014 holiday season is already done. After Thanksgiving was over, everything else was a blur. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day…where did the time go?

I struggled this season with a bit of a sweet tooth and sad to say, I had dessert with every meal. I’m so regretting it now because all my cute clothes are too tight. That’s not like me, but it was sooo good. So now what?

As many of us enter into the New Year we all no doubt, have a plan for change (or at least a very strong desire). Commonly, many goals set this time of year, include some type of weight loss plan. However, whether we plan to change our weight, change our job, or change our hair, we all surely have something we want to modify.

I want a total fitness makeover. I am somewhat in need of a fresh start, not to be confused with a start over. I just need to reactivate what I had started and be diligent about making constant improvements until it is completed - until I reach and maintain my goal. My weight loss plan is where I’ll start this year, but there are so many areas where a new me is desired. First, I want to lose 10 pounds and tone excessively. I want to wear a two-piece bikini this Spring Break and I want to get back to the days when I did not NEED Spanx. Simple enough, right?

This is not me, just my Pilates crush!
So, I guess I need to get back to what works, although herein lies the problem, IT’S TOO MUCH WORK! Why can’t metabolism continue to do what it is supposed to do? I love the feeling of accomplishment after a workout, But I HATE working out. I’ve tried mixing it up, adding variations: outdoors, indoors, under the door – I’ve done it all and I still HATE exercising. Currently, I do a combination of Pilates, Cardio, and Weight training. It works when I work it. I just need to do it, and for me, I realize I have to do SOMETHING every day. Never had this problem before. And to make matters worse, my biggest issue is not usually poor eating habits; its poor consistency in actually being more active. Have I mentioned that I hate exercising?


 I am also going to test out my first sew in!! Yeah. I’ve never had a sew in before and am a little nervous about the actual thought of having thread wrapped around my hair in a tight braid and how it might damage my hair. I also want to play with shorter lengths with my new 'Do' as well as some fun color, all while preserving my hair. I’ll post before and after pics of my sew in once my installation arrives. Kind of excited…

I MIIIGGGHHHT post before and after weight loss shots if I can get ones that look decent enough.

Although my listed goals are external, I am definitely working on the inside as well as the outside.

What about you? New Year, New You? What are you hoping, wishing, praying, desiring as a fresh start? Please share on FaceBook at Love My Hairitage.

Until next time, keep growing.


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