Monday, February 17, 2014

The Big Re-Chop

Hello Beautiful,
I’ve noticed recently, several naturalistas have been opting for a shorter Do. In the recent frenzy to have longer (and healthier) hair, many have decided to cut several inches off their already natural (and in most cases, beautiful) mane. 

What has ignited The Big Re-Chop?

One example of a beautiful re-chop is @shabbysista of @mynaturalsistas. Her new cut is flattering, full, and very becoming. Wonder what made her do the big re-chop?

I’ve also seen @taren916 cut, dye, dye it back, straighten, get a wig, get rid of a wig, etc. You name it and she’s probably done it to her gorgeous hair and it still rocks!

@moknowshair says that some women opt to do a big re-chop possibly to “get rid of heat or dye damage and start fresh.” Mo definitely KNOWS HAIR!

I asked a few other ladies what they thought and below are their responses for possible reasons to do a big re-chop:
1.    To add or change the shape of your hair.
2.    To start a new hair growth/healthy hair journey.
3.    Because you were bored.
4.    Because you hate the color/style/texture of your hair.
5.    To begin an easier maintenance routine.
6.    To add more flexibility, pop, fullness to your current style.

Are you thinking about cutting your hair? If so why? If not, why not?

We’d like to hear what your thoughts are. Is a re-chop in your future?

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Healthy hair forever,


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