Monday, November 18, 2013

Fierce Hair Feature

  Jenisha's Hair Story

I never thought I would transition my hair back to its natural state until I moved to Washington, DC in 2005. In DC rocking your natural hair is not just a trend but a way of life.  Growing up in Texas I never felt I could rock a curly bush, twists or dreads without people looking at me crazy. I felt my hair had to be neat and straight to look the part. As a child I had long, thick - curly hair that I thought was unmanageable. My mom would spray it down with a little water and grease then send me on my way. I would get an occasional press and curl but it would not last; as soon as I stepped outside it was a bush. I hated my hair then because I was teased about it. My first relaxer was in the 4th grade. I wanted to be able to rock a wrap or bob like all the other girls. I went thru all the phases with my hair from relaxing, coloring to cutting it into different styles.  This lasted for years until I became envious of my grandmother and cousins who never used chemicals on their hair. (Guess we owe that to our Cherokee ancestor’s lol)  When I reached adulthood I realized how beautiful their hair was and that I once had the same texture. I wondered if my hair would revert back if I didn’t relax it. After several attempts to grow out my relaxer, once my roots got puffy I slapped a relaxer on it. I did not know anything about alternative styling or transitioning at that time.
When I moved to DC my hair did not last for one day due to the humidity. My cousin said “Girl why are you still relaxing your hair? You are killing the health of it, you need to go natural and you will see a major difference” I didn’t know how to do anything with my hair. Therefore I wore a bun or ponytail every day. My cousin introduced me alternative styles like two strand twists. Flat twists or bantu knots as I grew out my relaxer. I found a stylist that started caring for my hair. When he pressed my hair with a flat iron and it was bone straight for 2 weeks! I declared never to relax my hair again. I stuck with him for about a year getting a routine deep condition and trim every 6 weeks. My relaxer was completely gone and my hair was so healthy. My texture when wet is wavy but the coil was not as tight as it was when I was a child. Over time I’ve played with different products and styles to find out what works for me. I love the versatility of my hair!!! I can go from curly to straight and it still looks healthy. Going natural was a decision I made 8 years ago and I have no regrets.  
What is something you wish you would have known before making this jump? Proper hair care tips. Knowing how to moisturize correctly and not using products that dry out the hair.

What products are you using currently? As I Am Naturally (Coconut co wash, leave in conditioner), Design Essentials (shampoo, conditioner and mousse) , dark and lovely al naturale (for twist outs).

In your opinion, what is the best thing about being natural? My hair is so much healthier and the versatility with the styles.    

Any suggestions/tips for other thinking about this natural journey? Don’t believe everything you see on YouTube. Be patient and consistent when trying a new style or product. Don’t give up if you don’t achieve the look on the 1st try. Team Natural!!!!!!!

Thanks Jenisha for sharing your story!

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